Turning the kitchen into a studio


The other day I went to ritz camera and bought a bunch of filters and a new lens so today I decided that since I didn’t have anything elese to do I would turn the kitchen into a studio I took our hiking poles and used them as auto poles to hang two t-shirts from and then took a clamp that dad had and drilled a hole in it to put a ball head with a led fill light onto then I just set up the camera with a ring light and a sb-400 flash and started taking pictures using different filters on the lens and different color gels on the flash. I quite liked some of the results but some of the other ones were not as good. I love photography and taking pictures of things!


About joeywilliamsphotography

I am a photographer and videographer in largo florida. I shoot all kinds of things from weddings to parties and you can contact me by emailing me at Joeywilliamsphotography@gmail.com
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One Response to Turning the kitchen into a studio

  1. Sherrie Williams says:

    Joey, I am convinced that you could turn almost anywhere into a studio with your skills at improvising camera equipment!

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