Photo of the day 9/04/12

Photo of the day 9/04/12

Yay another photo of the day!!! so i am finally back and have finished the website updates (more specifically to and the copyright stuff. as you can see from the photo there are now words on it! these words protect my work and claim it as mine. you can still save the photos (grandma) or post links to them (aunt jessi) but they will have these words on them. so anyway on to the photo, i took this yet again at eagle lake park! (i seem to like that place!) we went on a photo journey on labor day and i will be posting some of those photos soon, they came out quite well.


About joeywilliamsphotography

I am a photographer and videographer in largo florida. I shoot all kinds of things from weddings to parties and you can contact me by emailing me at
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One Response to Photo of the day 9/04/12

  1. Donna says:

    Joey- I love everyone of these pictures- SO glad you shared this with me so I can follow your daily picture- Just terrific! You are a real good photographer-Keep your eyes open-
    Great Kodak moments are everywhere. Donna 🙂

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