Homecoming football

Some of the photos from the homecoming game. I haven’t even finished editing down yet either! So hopefully there might be even more to come. I wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who takes time to look at my work as well as those who take the time to share it so others can see it. Be sure to click the button below to share with all your friends on facebook or twitter!
DSC_1963 DSC_1987 DSC_1997

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Homecoming Football Game

Last friday was the IRCS homecoming football game. so far i have only edited photos from practice before the game but i really liked these photos and didn’t think they could wait until i finished editing the other couple hundred photos to be posted. DSC_1072 DSC_1098 DSC_1199 DSC_1347

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IRCS Football

With the photo posting problem fixed and an eagles football game that I won’t be able to attend tonight I figured I should post some more photos to make up for it. I am looking forward to when the eagles go on the road and I am able to shoot them on some different fields.





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IRCS Drum Line

After almost every home football game the IRCS drum line comes out and plays some songs. Some popular titles include: scream, fight club, that guy, and my favorite… speed. they always do a great job under the direction of Mr. Ben Futoran. I hope that they will continue to play throughout the season and cannot wait to see the full production of their new marching show this year! joeywilliamsphotography.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/ircs-drum-line/”>DSC_9572

DSC_9552 copyDSC_9590DSC_9592 <a href="http://

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IRCS Football

The last time I posted pictures of IRCS football I broke my all time record for page views on this site, so I figured I should post even more pictures. Like I have said before I will try and post as many photos as I can from football season but I can’t guarantee that I will have a picture of everyone from every game. For example: last game I shot, I shot over 400 pictures but only ended up with about 20 usable pictures. I’m loving the season so far and can’t wait to keep shooting.





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Start of the IRCS Footaball season

The power is out at our house, so what better to do than use the little remaining battery on my phone (13%) to post some photos. I took these last week at indian rocks. Our football team is 1-2 so far this season and I’ve been getting some great pictures of them. I will try and post more throughout the season. Also the players have been asking me where they can see pictures from the game, so now I can tell them to come here.




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Photo of the day 8/7/13

20130807-115509.jpgI took this in Indiana on my grandparents property. Grandma has lots of flowers and plants up there.

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Photo of the day 8/6/13


This was taken at turtle park with grandma. They have really cool wildlife and trails there. I really like the look of the place and everything.

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Photo of the day 8/5/13

20130805-170321.jpgYesterday evening dad and I looked outside and noticed that the clouds looked great, so we went out to take pictures. We ended up at the dock on the end of turner street. I setup my camera on the tripod with a cokin P nd6 to get a longer exposure. This photo ended up being 3 1/2 minutes. The tide was coming in so I got some really cool lines on the water as it was moving. This has to be one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken.

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Photo of the day 8/2/13

I took this photo on the Fourth of July on my grandparents property in Indiana. After I took this photo dad and I got into the car and drove to another town called twelve mile and took more photos of the churches and old
Buildings there.

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